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The Camping and Caravanning Club

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Tel. +44 845 130 7632

Why should I camp with a DA?

It is much cheaper than using commercial sites. You may make new friends as we have events and social gatherings at our meets to which you are always welcome Freedom - we camp in places where only DA’s can! We often arrange our meets (rallies) to coincide with local events and attractions. Please explore this website to find out who we are and what we do.

What is a DA?

The Camping and Caravanning Club is organised into Regions and each Region into District Associations (DAs). Each DA elects its own committee, raises its own funds and arranges camping and caravanning meets (rallies), events and associated social activities.

Do I have to be a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club to camp with a DA?

Yes, anyone attending a DA Meet must be a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club and you will be asked to show a valid membership card when you attend a meet. All/Any adult members will need to show proof of membership if staying in a unit overnight at all DA rallies. For a THS only, a temporary membership can be obtained for a small fee to cover your non members for the duration of your stay. Please consult the stewards.

What is a THS

AN ideal affordable holiday destination.

Situated in popular holiday destinations, seaside resorts and countryside retreats, Temporary Holiday Sites offer members the chance to camp affordably throughout the UK.

Organised and run by the Club’s Regions, DA’s and Special Interest Sections, Temporary Holiday Sites offer alternative pitches to commercial sites by utilising land exclusively available to the Club.  Stewarded by experienced members who are always at hand to help with the friendly approach our Club is famous for.

My membership card says I am a member of another DA can I camp with ADVA Yes, you can camp with any DA. Your membership card tells you which DA you are a member of and this gives you voting rights at their meetings. In the first instance, your DA membership is determined by your home postcode but you can opt-in to another DA if you wish by contacting the secretary and applying to Club HQ.

How much does it cost to camp with ADVA?

Site fees are levied on a “per unit night” – (PUN) basis. There is no extra charge for an awning or children’s “pup” tents. Our current PUN fees range from £7 to £14 for a normal weekend meet.

How big a pitch will I get?

The walls of your unit (including awning) will be at least 6 metres away from any other unit. This is the minimum but normally there is space for a greater distance and we encourage this. There is normally much more free space around you than you would get on a commercial site or even a Club site.

Do you have any rules?

Yes but these are simply in the interest of the safety and comfort of fellow campers. For example: 5mph speed limit on site, no noise that would disturb your neighbours after 11pm, pets to be kept under control. You will also need to take your own rubbish home.

Are tents allowed?

Yes, tents and all types of unit are welcome as long as they are designed for overnight accommodation.

Are toilets available?

Normally there are no toilet or shower facilities available and therefore you must provide your own. Sometimes we camp on land owned by a commercial or Certificated Sites, which have these facilities, but this is on the understanding we do not use them.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, as long as they are kept under control on a lead no more than 2 metres long, exercised off site and the owner cleans up any mess.

Can we just turn up at a meet?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases. Occasionally, mainly due to space restrictions, we ask campers to pre-book. However if you are new to DA camping and are unsure we suggest you contact us beforehand. We also suggest that you make this known to the steward on arrival so that he can give you that extra bit of help if required.

How long does a meet last?

Weekend meets usually start on Friday and finish on Sunday. However thanks to some of our members who have more time available we have recently organised more meets lasting up to 5 days starting for example on Thursday. Bank holiday weekends are usually 5-day meets. We also organise special meets called Temporary Holiday Sites (THS), which typically last for 10 days. In principle these are no different to weekend meets but we have to seek special permission from Club HQ before they can go ahead.

When can I arrive/leave?

We ask that no one arrives before 2pm. By this time the steward or another responsible member will be on site who will be able to offer advice on pitching and explain any rules/information particular to the site. There is usually no restriction on the leaving time.

What is a Steward?

The steward(s) is a member who has volunteered to look after the meet. He takes on the responsibility for collecting site fees and liaising with the site owner. He sometimes will arrange small events on site and can usually offer advice on the local area. He also has the authority to advise campers to adhere to our basic rules.

Do you cater for all age groups?

Yes. We have members of all ages and backgrounds and interests: families with young children, families with older children who can join our junior and senior youth section, couples, singles, and retirees.

What activities do you organise?

Camping with ADVA is very informal. During the summer season we have regular coffee morning gatherings which enable members to chat to a wide cross-section of members and for latest news to be exchanged. We occasionally have organised evening gatherings for a barbeque or cheese and wine and a quiz.

Do I have to join in the activities?

No, but this a good way to meet new people and develop friendships

Are there electric hook-ups?

Very occasionally and very limited availability.

How long will my Leisure Battery last

For most meets a good 12v leisure battery will last over a weekend and is adequate. A solar panel can be used to top-up your battery or sometimes taking a spare battery is worth considering for the TV. It all depends on how much you use the water pump and TV but a fully charged battery can last a week with little TV use.

Can I use my own generator?

We discourage the use of generators because of the noise nuisance they can cause to other campers. However we appreciate there are sometimes valid reasons for their use and do our utmost to be understanding and reasonable. The steward must be consulted before you use or are likely to use a generator. He may ask that you pitch in an area, if available, where you are unlikely to cause annoyance and/or agree with you certain times for their use which would minimise disturbance to others.

How do I know how to get to a meet?

 Directions and an interactive map are shown on this web. Also ,when permissible , we also display “ADVA>>” direction signs local to the site.

A few guidelines to help everyone enjoy their weekends.

  1. On arrival on site all members and their visitors MUST report the Steward.

2. 5 mph maximum speed on site.

3. Always obey the 20 ft rule between units.

4. In the interest of safety, place a full fire bucket outside your unit.

5. All pets are to be kept on leads at all times.

6. Respect the 11 o'clock rule (Quiet please!).

7. Please take all rubbish home.

8. The Steward is in charge of the weekend and any queries or complaints must be handled by the Steward.

9. Sites open at 4 pm unless previously agreed with Steward. No pitching before the arrival of the Steward or their deputy.